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S1Ep30: Righteous Subversiveness

Judaism is a deeply subversive religion.  As Jews, we are mandated to challenge unjust institutions and leaders--even to the point of arguing with God.  But unfettered subversiveness is potentially disastrous.  Using a story from the Talmud and the week's parsha, Jenna investigates how to be righteously subversive, and what good Jewish leadership looks like.  

S1Ep27: Coming Clean and Making Change

Jenna explains why she didn't release a Shavuot episode after all, and how some embarrassing goings-on in her personal life have helped her engage Judaism's conceptions of healing in a new way.  In the Torah portion, Jenna studies Judaism's least abided-by law.  Support Bad Jew Weekly on Patreon: 

S1Ep23: Finding New Ground Together with Special Guest Maryam Saleemi

In honor of Yom Haatzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, Jenna offers a progressive prayer for a peaceful, just Israel. Jenna then chats with Maryam Saleemi, the Communications and Development Manager of NewGround, a Muslim-Jewish leadership organization in Los Angeles, about building Muslim-Jewish friendships.  Check out the "Two Faiths One Prayer" video created by Maryam and her class of NewGround Fellows here:

S1Ep22: Imagination Nation, with Special Guest Professor Gadi Ariav

Israel is frequently described as "Startup Nation" for its role as a global power in technological innovation, but Professor Gadi Ariav of Tel Aviv University's Coller School of Management has coined a new term: "Imagination Nation."  Gadi talks with Jenna about why Israelis are great innovators, the role of Israel in the global tech community, and what we can learn about the national character of Israel by studying its inventions.  In "Torah Time," Jenna unpacks a doozy of a (double) Torah Portion.  

S1Ep17: The Anointed One and the Class Clown with Special Guest Sam Lerner

Jenna grapples with current Jewish world events and investigates one of the concepts in Judaism she finds most difficult.  Special guest Sam Lerner regales Jenna with tales from his Hebrew School days, being on the "Jewiest" show in network television, and keeping his Instagram game strong.  Follow Sam on Instagram at @samlerner and follow Jenna @badjewweekly. 

S1Ep11: Who's a Bad Jew, Anyway?

Jenna shares the story of her journey as a bad Jew... and calls out the real bad Jews and toxic institusion in our midst.  Plus: the Ten Commandments! 

S1Ep3: A Seat at the (Jewish) Table, with Special Guest H. Alan Scott

An irreverent, inclusive take on Judaism from the baddest Jewess around.  Jewish and interested in learning more, but terrified of going to synagogue?  Not Jewish and curious, but don't know where to begin? This is the podcast for you. 

Part 1: What Jew Talking About: Israel and (Also) Antisemitism (7 min) 

Part 2: Brews with Jews: A Delightful Interview with H. Alan Scott (23 min) 

Part 3: Torah Time! Parshah Miketz (16 min)