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S2Ep2: Halloween Edition: Demons, Ghosts and Monsters in Judaism

In honor of Halloween, Jenna explores the appearances of Satan, demons, ghosts and monsters in Judaism, and then tells a Jewish ghost story of her own.  In this past week’s parshah, we learn about everyone’s favorite body-altering covenant. 

S2Ep1: Harvey Weinstein, Noah, and the End of the World

It’s season 2 of Bad Jew Weekly!  Jenna grapples with her overbooked schedule, Harvey Weinstein’s pathological sexual harassment finally coming to light, and how the lessons of this can be applied to Judaism (yes, really).  In the Torah this week, we read the story of Noah. 

Episode 42: Life, the Universe, and Everything (or, Rosh Hashanah and Love of Torah)

Jenna explains how she used cats to out-troll a neo-Nazi on Twitter, and what the experience taught her about being Jewish on the internet (and in her heart).  In anticipation of Rosh Hashanah, she also discusses some nuts and bolts of synagogue etiquette.  In the Torah this week, we get an epic mic drop.      


S1Ep41: Change Your Life in 40 Days

Jenna investigates the significance of the number 40 in Judaism, and why the sages say we can change our life in 40 days.  (If she'd been smart, she would have done this segment last week.)  The parshah this week, Ki Tavo, is thought to be one of the most challenging in the Torah.   

S1Ep39: Getting Angry for Good, with Special Guest Samuel Chu


“I know you’re mad.  What are you gonna do about it?”  Jenna discusses the Jewish concept of gemilut chasadim, acts of loving kindness, and then interviews MAZON’s Samuel Chu about righteous anger, feeding the hungry, and the true definition of allyship.  The Torah portion for this past week is uncannily apt. 


S1Ep38: The Jewish Response to Charlottesville, with Special Guest Rabbi Sharon Brous

“…We all know by now that racism is at the heart of this country.”  Jenna talks with Rabbi Sharon Brous about strength in the face of anti-Semitism, and bringing Torah and moral courage back to the heart of Judaism.  Watch Rabbi Brous’s Ted Talk here:

S1Ep37: The Power of Repetition

What do we get out of hearing the same story over and over again?  How can we make every retelling a new experience?  Jenna looks to this week’s parshah to investigate. 

S1Ep35: We Should All Observe Tisha b'Av

Tisha B'Av starts this Monday night.  It is a complete bummer of a holiday, but, as Jenna argues, a really important and useful bummer.  In the Torah this week, we start Devarim, the fifth and final book of the Torah.    

S1Ep30: Righteous Subversiveness

Judaism is a deeply subversive religion.  As Jews, we are mandated to challenge unjust institutions and leaders--even to the point of arguing with God.  But unfettered subversiveness is potentially disastrous.  Using a story from the Talmud and the week's parsha, Jenna investigates how to be righteously subversive, and what good Jewish leadership looks like.  

S1Ep27: Coming Clean and Making Change

Jenna explains why she didn't release a Shavuot episode after all, and how some embarrassing goings-on in her personal life have helped her engage Judaism's conceptions of healing in a new way.  In the Torah portion, Jenna studies Judaism's least abided-by law.  Support Bad Jew Weekly on Patreon: 

S1Ep26: I'm Hungry... for Knowledge

This Tuesday night, we'll celebrate the beginning of Shavuot.  Jenna explores what Shavuot is, why it's dope, and why we received the Torah in the wilderness.